Exterior Painting

Painting the outside of the home is the same as painting on the inside…right?…right? Nope, that is plain not the case. Exterior painting generally requires more preparation and work on the front end. For starters, on exterior painting jobs you are beholden to the weather. Ever see someone painting outside in the rain? Neither have we! The surface needs to be absolutely dry. It also needs to be clean to properly take the paint. For exterior painting you may be dealing with environmental conditions like the weather, bugs, dirt, algae, and surface wrinkling. You may have to sand off and scrape away loose paint, and possibly use chemical stripping or other methods. Power washing may also be required for surfaces that have accumulated a lot of dirt and grime.

We will work with you on your exterior painting project to ensure that all of the necessary steps are laid and planned out. That starts with making sure the surface is prepared, but also scheduling and accounting for the weather. We also communicate with you to update any change in conditions.

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