Painting Services

We provide a variety of painting services to help with your particular project. These services can be broken down into the following categories…

Additionally, we can provide pressure washing services to prepare surfaces ahead of painting, which means you can use one company for your painting project, instead of juggling schedules and contacts. You can click on any of the above categories to learn more about each painting service and what works best for your project.

Our Painting Process

“The devil is in the details” is an old saying that has incredible relevance to professional painting. It’s all about the process to ensure a successful preparation and completion of the project. Here is more information on our painting process!

We typically begin by doing all necessary masking and prep work prior to painting. On Exteriors, we pressure wash, cover walk ways, driveways and roofing, remove lights, scrape and prime loose chipping paint and touch up caulking on windows and trim prior to paint. For walls and ceilings we remove switch plates and lights, Caulking of cracks, windows, base and trim, spackling and Texturing of small holes is done prior to painting.

On Cabinets and Millwork we remove hardware, clean, Bondo, sand, and caulk imperfections prior to priming and painting using high quality latex or lacquer paint, with an airless or HVLP sprayer and fine finish tips.

We then apply all paints at a proper mil thickness wet to insure proper performance of the product. Interior walls are painted 2 coats unless specified on estimate. All cabinets and millwork are primed and painted 2 coats finish. Exteriors are sprayed and back rolled if needed, then painted 2 coats trim by hand. American Shades will clean the job site prior to leaving. This includes picking up all trash, vacuuming, etc.

For touching up extra paint is labeled with the color name/number, type of product, sheen, and where it is located on the job. If touch up is needed after the project we will schedule touch ups within the week for your satisfaction.

A good painting process leads to a successful conclusion!

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