Cabinetry Painting

You just love the new color you’re planning for your kitchen. It’s going to be gorgeous with all sorts of benefits. What it’s not going to do is to match the cabinets. So what do you do? Do you rip them all out and work with a contractor to replace them? That can get expensive. And what if you love your cabinets, except for the color?

We can send out a painting contractor to help you find the right painting color for your cabinets. You do not have to rip them off and painting is typically a cheaper route anyway. If we are already working on your interior painting project we will make sure to cover cabinetry as a matter of course. But if you finished a painting project yourself, but are balking at painting the cabinets, give us a call. We can help in those situations too, properly preparing the cabinetry surface to look wonderful with a new coat of paint!

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